These paintings are about love and home and family, and the big wheel of time turning. Each generation raises its children, loves them, falls short, comes through, and then has to see them go. This is us: impermanent and enduring, separate and together, different as we share the same world.

 That world remains familiar and unknowable, around us and beyond us. Our own conflicting desires are also confounding: we long for home and safety, and to voyage into the unknown. We want to belong and to separate, to be unique and no different, to change and to be as before. We are curious and clever creatures, outmatched by our searching and what we find.

Paint is the perfect material for a mysterious creature regarding a mysterious world. It can create color, light, and form--- this physical world we know.  At the same time, it can defy gravity and all the other physical truths we live with. Painting can make the world anew. It can use the seen to look for the unseeable.

I am grateful to share the ongoing mystery of being here with everyone and everything that is. I am grateful for the work of painting, and for being outmatched by the task— always.