The birds in these paintings are humble birds: pigeons and crows. They are thought to be nothing special, or even pests, but they have miraculous qualities. Crows in particular are much maligned, but have remarkable intelligence and empathy. They form loyal, long-term partnerships, and travel in large family groups. The way they move, as individuals and as a group, always together and always separate, makes their flock a fitting one for my family to join. 

I am using these paintings to explore the relationships within my generation and between generations. Patterns of birds and people create layersof space that create layers of time, all governed by a universal, whirling geometry. Working on this series has revealed a lot to me about my inner mind and my cravings for both closeness and freedom.I remain on my quest to capture both the physical truth of observation and the emotional truth of transcendence and impermanence. I am grateful for my place this mystery.